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Psychological Testing and Assessment

What is a psychological assessment?

Some parents seek a psychological assessment out of concerns about how well their child or teen is functioning. Other parents are advised to get an assessment by one or more professionals who notice something amiss.

Psychological testing is administered by a trained clinician, usually a psychologist or psychiatrist. The process involves assessing your child’s abilities and gathering information about their symptoms.

Revelation Consulting offers testing for:

Cognitive Functioning

Educational Achievement and Academic Mastery

Learning Differences and Disabilities

Concerns about Anxiety, Depression and other psychological Disorders

When Should Parents Seek Out Psychological Testing?

Parents should seek out psychological testing if their child is experiencing concerning symptoms and/or difficulties in their daily life. These include:​​

Struggling in School

Difficulty Concentrating

Acting Out in Class

Missing School or

Missing Assignments

Bullying or Being Bullied

Feelings of Anxiety, Fear,

Anger, sadness etc.

Mood Changes

Substance Use

These symptoms could indicate a mental health disorder or learning disability. It’s helpful for parents to get a formal diagnosis so they can seek out effective help for their child. Psychological tests and assessments also allow a psychologist to understand the nature of a child’s problem, and to figure out the best way to go about addressing it.

Psychological testing doesn’t always look for difficulties. Sometimes, children are referred for psychological testing to identify school readiness or giftedness. If your child displays some of the traits of giftedness, such as advanced language skills and learning abilities, you might want to seek out psychological testing to determine whether they are gifted.

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